Whale & Bear Watching

If you are not a Vancouver Island resident, we ask you not to book until BC travel restrictions have been relaxed. If you are an International Traveler, please do not book for 2021 until the Canadian border re-opens.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Ucluelet’s original, and most respected, wildlife tour company, Subtidal Adventures has the experience to lead you to a great adventure. Every day is a surprise so be observant and you will be rewarded.


Whales, Bears, Birds & Islands

We have it all, and more. Humpback whales, Gray whales, Orca (Killer Whales), seals, Steller and California sea lions, eagles, sea birds, sea otter, river otter, deer and the occasional wolf (locations all subject to seasonal variabilities), and the Broken Group Islands in Pacific Rim National Park. Tell us what you want; we will try to find it for you.


wildlife up close!

Subtidal Adventures is a leader in Barkley Sound excursions

Staying in Ucluelet or Tofino? Ucluelet is the perfect location to launch your west coast adventure, and you can count on Subtidal Adventures for safe and affordable fun. Our guides live here and understand the local waters, so let us show you this wonderful place the whales, bears and eagles also call home. Superb photo opportunities.

Our Guarantee -

We know you want to see “everything”, but we cannot control nature. We offer as much as we can on our trips and we do our best. We can guarantee that if you do not go on a “whale watch”, “bear watch”, or a ”marine mammal watch”, you will definitely not see a whale or a bear or a marine mammal. Unfortunately, you will miss the other amazing things our tours have to offer.

Highway 4

Safety Improvement 2021

Highway road safety improvement project through to near the end of 2021. Expect delays. About 20 minutes away from Ucluelet, or about 70 minutes from Port Alberni, is ongoing major road work involving up to 30-minute delays with single lane alternating traffic. An assortment of longer full closures is also scheduled from time to time; typically, but not always: 11 am to 3 pm and 4 pm to 5 pm; except weekends. Updated schedules are available at:
www.facebook.com/eac.bc.ca.kennedy.hill/ or www.discoverucluelet.ca/kennedyhill